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Update 4/15/21:

Having reviewed the current situation of the pandemic, we've decided to go ahead with this year's Tour! 

It's impossible, though, to know exactly what may transpire in the next 51 days.  In the unlikely event that any portion of the Tour may have to be cancelled, we assure you that any fees or payments sent to us will be refunded.

If you pre-pay your car fee but are unable to attend, your money will be refunded.

If you reserve a dinner and cancel your reservation by June 1, your reservation money will be returned.  If you cancel after June 1, we will attempt to sell your tickets for you but cannot guarantee we'll be successful.


The 2021 Orphan Car Tour will get underway on the morning of Saturday, June 5 in Burkittsville, Maryland.  From there, participants will drive their cars along a 60-mile route over mostly-rural roads to Bluemont, Virginia, following printed directions and proceeding at their own pace. 

Along the way, drivers and their passengers will have the opportunity to stop and visit a private collection of 25 cars (1908-1970), an operating grist mill, the Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, an antique auto repair and restoration shop, and several other places of interest.  Upon arrival at Bluemont, participants will enjoy a buffet dinner.  The Tour’s nickname this year is “A River Runs Through It", because of the route’s several river crossings.

This is the 29th running of the Orphan Tour, an event designed to encourage the driving enjoyment of antique “orphan” (discontinued-make) vehicles which are at least 25 years old.  Each Tour takes place in a different location in the greater Washington-Baltimore area, usually rural, and whose low-speed roads are old-car friendly. Over the years “orphaned” nameplates spotted on the Tour have ranged from the familiar (Pontiac, Mercury, Plymouth) to the obscure (Moline-Knight, Flanders and Alvis), and cars from as far back as 1912 have been driven.

The Tour's sponsors -- all local chapters or regions of national “orphan” car clubs -- are the DeSoto Owners Club of Maryland, the Keystone Region Chapter of the Studebaker Driver's Club (SDC), Mid-Atlantic Packards (a region of The Packard Club), the Potomac Region of the SDC, and The Potomac Ramblers (an affiliate of the AMO and AMCRC clubs).

For further information contact Jon Battle, Tour Publicity Coordinator, at 540-364-1770, or e-mail him at