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Here's a list of some of other "orphan" events, within and outside of the U.S. Click the underlined  text to link to a webpage or flyer.  If you have further information on any of these events, please contact us so we can list it.  As far as we know, all of these events are independent of one another; there is no single "orphan car club" running any of them.

United States:

The following "orphan car" events usually occur yearly, although some may be cancelled due to the coronavirus.  If you know of other "orphan" events, please alert the Tour Director (see e-mail link to left).

Waxahachie, TX --  Sweethearts and Orphans car show -- Usually held in Feb. or March.

Huntsville, AL -- Orphan Car Show -- usually held early May.

Tacoma, WA --  Orphan and Discontinued Car Show,   June 13, 2021, Griot's Garage-- see

Golden, CO
-- Classic and orphan car show at Buffalo Bill Days -- usually held in late July.

Minoa, NY -- Gathering of Orphan Vehicles -- usually held in Mid-August -- see

Yellow Springs, OH -- Aug. 28, 2021 -- Bob Pool Orphan Car Show --

Joliet, IL. -- Orphan Car Show -- usually held late Aug.

Branson, MO
-- Annual Orphan Car Show -- usually held mid-Sept.

Ypsilanti, MI -- Orphan Car Show, usually held mid-Sept.

Alexandria, VA
-- Orphan Car Show, usually late Sept.
co-sponsored by The Lyceum museum and Packards Virginia, to be held at The Lyceum.

Brookline, MA -- Extinct Car Day at Larz Anderson Auto Museum.  Usually held late October.

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